Parma YPs Murals Tour Includes Polish Village

Parma Young Professionals group has put together a fun Murals Tour through Polish Village:

Colozza’s Bakery, 5880 Ridge Rd

colazzas bakery
Get a taste of Colozza’s Italian roots (in addition to its delicious cakes) with the scene on the side of its bakery.

Little Polish Diner, 5772 Ridge Rd

polish diner village
Enjoy the cityscape of Warsaw, Poland while you’re still in Parma on the side of Little Polish Diner. Stop in for some great ethnic food while you’re in the area.

5753 Ridge Rd. (side of Armstrong Air)

tals and armstrong air
See everything that is Parma in one fantastic mural on the side of Armstrong Air, next to Tal’s. Local realtor Holton-Wise hired artist Kim Colarik to paint the mural. She incorporated ideas that Parma residents shared on Facebook into design.

5729 Ridge Rd

homuth food corner of ridge and kenneth
The 2010 demolition of the Parma Recreation bowling Alley (built in the 1940s) exposed this classic mural for the first time in nearly 70 years. It advertises Homuth’s Food and Red the Cleaner with six-character phone numbers, a fun representation of Parma’s past.

Check out the rest of the Parma YPs Mural Tour at: