Rudy’s Strudel Mural Competition 2015

ATTENTION ARTISTS! Rudy’s Strudel & Bakery Mural Competition is underway! No residency requirements. Cash stipend for winner!

Rudy’s Strudel & Bakery, located in the business district of Polish Village at 5580 Ridge Road, is having a mural design competition which is open to the public, with no residency restrictions. The completed mural will be 15×15 foot, located on the north side of their building, and very visible to traffic traveling southbound on Ridge Road. They are asking that the completed designs be 22.5 x 22.5 inches. Content should be appropriate: no political, religious, sexual, or obscene material will be accepted. Color and detail is paramount considering the design will be enlarged by a copier and adhered to the building. Sherba Industries of Brunswick will be enlarging the design for installation.

Inspirational ideas include: old world feel, wheat fields, poppies (the national flower of Poland), Polish tradition, family values, bread of life, pastries, and baked goods. These ideas are strictly inspirational and not required inclusions to the design submission.

The competition rolled out on October 30th and there seems to be much interest from artists in the community. Inquiries have even been made from the Akron and Columbus areas as well. The selected contestant will receive a cash stipend in the amount of $500. Artists are asked to sign their work within the design, so their signature will be visible. Deadline for submission is January 7, 2016. The winner will be announced in early February.

Questions? Email Kathy Mabin at