Artsy flamingos are flocking to perches throughout the city

By Mark Holan, Special to the Sun News

If you’ve been at certain businesses up and down Ridge Road lately, you may have noticed some of the entries in the “Flamingo Fever” art exhibit hatched by Kathryn Mabin of Polish Village.

Some of the entries have local “flavor” written all over them, like Mabin’s own Stash Mingo-ski, which is a tribute to “Big Chuck” Schodowski’s character immortalized in numerous comedy skits. Mabin’s work of art is in residence at the Key Bank branch at Ridge and Ridgewood roads. Paulette Kall created a Ghoulardi Flamingo that is on display at the Local Tavern.

One of the most intricate birds is Annette Mannion’s Lego Flamingo at Colozza’s Bakery. Mannion used 1,300 pieces to build a bird.

The second annual Flamingo Fever Banquet & Auction will be held Sept. 20 at St. Charles Hall. The entries will be auctioned off. Tickets are $25. Call Mabin at 440-843-6474 or email

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(Photo by Carole Murray; Lego Flamingo Artist is Annette Mannion)