Flocks of Flamingos Have Been Sighted!

By Kathryn Mabin

Much like the swallows that return to Capistrano, and the buzzards that return to Hinckley, the Flamingos are flocking to Parma. Beginning in the spring, the lawns in Parma start to sprout bright bursts of color in the form of pink colored flamingos. They are as much of a harbinger of Spring as the robins are. Although many local communities welcome these fantastic tropical beauties into their gardens and on their lawns, they are more frequently found in Parma.

Last year the very first ever public art exhibition, Flamingo Fever, was sponsored by the Polish Village CDC [Old World Parma], in Parma. This event was so well received by the community that it was decided to make it an annual event. “So, what is Flaming Fever?” you ask. It is a public art exhibition. Artistically minded individuals apply their talents to create table top sculptures in various styles, using the pink plastic lawn ornaments. Last year whole families participated in creating the unique, one of a kind flamingos. Participant’s agreed it was a fun family project. The youngest participant was 8 years old, and the oldest were local senior citizens. Designs are gathered and juried by the Flamingo Fever Committee. The flamingos are painted, and/or dressed up in various costumes, with various themes. Once completed, the flamboyant flamingos are ready to be prominently displayed in establishments throughout the community. The placement of the flamingos this year, begins July 1, 2014.

The businesses that participated last year stated that their customers enjoyed the humorous sculptures, and had fun locating the various entries throughout the Parma community, which also increased traffic to their establishments. For residents and visitors alike, it is a fun way to get out and about in the community during the summer months and learn more about the various businesses that make Parma so unique.

Like last year, the festivities will culminate in a Flamingo Fever banquet/auction in the fall. In addition to the auction of the flamingos, last year there was a 50/50 raffle and door prizes. Attendees raved at the authentic homemade Polish dinners, and the banquet was a success. Fun was had by all, and in addition to their full tummies, many attendees left with fabulous prizes and their own charming one of a kind flamingos. This year the committee hopes to expand and fine tune the event, making it bigger and better. Events like this one foster a greater sense of community and bring enjoyment to the residents, and all for a good cause.

The net proceeds from this event benefit the upcoming pocket park on Ridge Road, next to Palmiero’s, a couple blocks north of Snow Road. The Polish Village Community Development Corporation is a nonprofit organization created to facilitate the ongoing development and revitalization of the community by empowering residents, institutions, businesses and government to enhance the area’s business climate and long-term economic viability. Polish Village hosts a variety of events throughout the year, such as Treat N Greet in October, and the Polish Constitution Parade in May.

For more information on Flamingo Fever, or the Polish Village Community Development Corporation [Old World Parma] go to www.polishvillageparma.com, or find Polish Village on Facebook at Facebook.com/PolishVillage.

Stay tuned! There is more to come!

FLAMINGO FEVER! Soon to be at an establishment near you soon!

Source: http://www.parmaobserver.com/read/2014/07/22/flocks-of-flamingos-have-been-sighted