Mayor Day’s Plan Could Save the Parma Theater

By William Subjoc, Parma Observer

A solution to the Parma Theater situation may possibly be found in a 1962 Regional Planning Commission plan completed by the administration of former Parma Mayor James W. Day. Similar conclusions can also be drawn from the 2008 Parma Sustainable Design Asset Team (SDAT) guidelines completed by the administration of former Mayor Dean Depiero. Most discussions on the Parma Theater primarily focus on activities that could be conducted inside the building; however, redevelopment of this building may be much more financially viable by looking at the two block stretch of Ridge Road from Snow Road to Bertha Avenue as well as one block of Snow Road west of Ridge.

Not all of Mayor Day’s planning came to fruition, but after 51 years a small part of the 1962 plan could spur significant redevelopment around the Parma Theater. The plan clearly shows taking Essen Avenue and converting it to a cul-de-sac at the west end of the Theater Property. The business portion of Essen was proposed as additional parking. The 1962 plan shows a major addition to the Theater as well as a large building to be constructed on the south side of Essen. Creating this cul-de-sac today is still a very viable concept; however the focus now would be to create an outdoor courtyard on the business section of Essen, which would promote additional outdoor activities involving the Theater and the buildings on the south side of Essen. The East Fourth Street concept downtown would be emulated in a small way. Three parking ingress-egress will still be possible: from the Snow Road entrance, the Bertha Ave. entrance, and from Ridge Road into the Theater lot or the property south of Essen…

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  1. Patricia says:

    It would be nice to see this image enlarged here for the fine details.

    The Detroit Shoreway area was revitalized and the Capitol Theater was remodeled in Cleveland. So, why can’t we do the same thing here in Parma?



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