P. Jay’s Pizza

Ever since Chris Mastroianni opened up his first pizza shop in 1974, his parents told him, “Use only the best ingredients, prepared fresh!” Since then, Chris has been using only the finest meats, vegetables, and cheese to create a variety of especially flavorful pizzas with a uniquely satisfying taste.

One of those flavorful pizzas turned out to be his original one-of-a-kind Pierogi Pizza which received Cleveland Magazine’s “Best Of” Award in 2012. If you love pierogies, you’ll love the Pierogi Pizza!

5859 Ridge Rd
Parma Ohio 44129

Hours of operation:
Mon: 4pm to 9pm
Tue – Thur: 11am to 9:30pm
Fri & Sat: 11am to 11pm
Sun: 11am to 9pm

Tel: (440) 885-4355

Menu | Specials

To make the Pierogi Pizza, potatoes are boiled and mashed and cheddar cheese is added. “It’s like 7 o’clock on a Friday,” Chris says, “and I’m yelling, ‘Get water on — we got to do more potatoes!’ ” These ingredients are then put onto a crust which is topped with sautéed onions, butter and some more cheddar cheese before it is placed in the oven. And it’s all topped off with some delicious sour cream!

So, next time you’re traveling down Ridge Rd in Parma’s Polish Village, make sure to stop by P. Jay’s Pizza and enjoy some of the best food that can be found in the Greater Cleveland area. You’ll be glad you did!

Visit us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/P-Jays-Pizza-150388421670305/


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